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We know how to make records that stand out.   We have a combined total of over 30 years of performance, engineering, production and writing experience and take our art seriously.  We work with bands and artists to help them exceed their expectations and capture their songs’ fullest potential.  The recording process is more than just placing microphones, plugging stuff in and pressing record and we understand this.  The experiences we have had allow us to provide a truly unique and interactive approach to making records.

We work with everyone from weekend warriors to full-on professional artists because we believe that music is empowering and it is imperative to keep the craft alive on every level. That is why we offer the full gamut of recording services.  With our mobile rig, we have the ability to patch into small to mid sized local venue’s boards to get (up to 24 channels) a multi-track recording captured through pristine Apogee converters.  This more affordable approach uses the venue’s FOH system and allows us to mix the recording,  off site, in an acoustically tuned environment.   As far as marketability goes, this may be the most desirable approach for local bands with limited budgets of under a few hundred dollars.

For bands and artists with higher budgets we can bring our entire mobile rig to practice rooms, churches, empty halls, etc.., for pre-production and working demos. We can help you decide which songs to record and spend money on and which ones to save for the live album. Most likely if a band has a larger budget they will be shooting for a studio recording where we can offer top of the line engineering, mixing and production services. We work with a variety of tracking rooms around Denver, with different rates and different vibes, increasing the likelihood of finding the perfect fit for your project. We then bring the tracks back to our own Deep Root Labs for further overdubs, editing and mixing. Depending on the quality that the band desires and the money they can afford to spend, 3 song EP’s need anywhere from 6 hours (demo-quality) to 12 hours (commercial-quality) of set-up and tracking studio time.  Once the tracks are recorded the difference comes on the back end with mixing and mastering; we offer full mixing packages for $250 per song with 2 recalls (with all the time it takes to do it right) or an affordable hourly mixing rate, based upon the needs of the project, for bands and artists on a tighter budget. As always we offer package pricing for albums and EPs. We do offer pre-mastering and mastering services as well.
Bands 1:Produced, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by In Your Head

Bands 2: Produced, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by In Your Head

Hip-Hop: Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by In Your Head

Electronica: Produced/Co-Produced Recorded Mixed and Mastered by In Your Head

Songwriter Collaborations: Produced, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by In Your Head

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